Child Health Organization

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We are one of the best Paediatric UROLOGY AND Disorders of sex Development(DSD) Centre in town ,With over many Certified and qualified doctors serving the community since many years .Certainly, here are six reasons why you should choose us

  • Specialized Doctor's

    We have established a team of experienced pediatric surgical specialists who provide personalized consultation through a diverse team of experts. This ensures that patients receive tailored and considerate medical advice.

  • Backup Services

    Our approach includes supplementary services to enhance patient care.

  • Preferred Doctor Facilitation

    We arrange for consultations with preferred urologists, along with the necessary arrangements for patient convenience.

  • Follow-up

    Our commitment to patient health extends to meticulous follow-up care, ensuring a consistent and high-quality healthcare experience.

  • Collaboration with Renowned Urology Centers

    We collaborate with esteemed urology centers, both nationally and internationally, to establish a board and manage patient services. This guarantees advanced medical care, even beyond the borders if necessary.

  • Global Standards

    By partnering with prestigious urology centers, we ensure that your child receives healthcare that aligns with global standards, right here in Bangladesh.